Quality & Professional Deck Refinishing

Quality & Professional Deck Refinishing

Myers Landscaping & Construction is sister companies with the local company "Deck Tech". With this service we offer to repair and refinish your wood patio/deck or any wood structure. We start by pressure washing the structure, sanding down to smooth finish, and proceeding with a guaranteed stain to protect the wood. This part of our company also offers free estimates and is open at all parts of the year except winter. Look to our gallery for examples; Let us create a perfect space for you and your family next summer!

Bring New Life to Your Deck

Restore the appearance of your Bozeman & Billings, MT deck with refinishing services

Your deck has seen a lot over the years. Torrential rains, raging winds, the beating rays of the sun and years of foot traffic. It's only natural it's become rough and faded with the passage of time. Work with Myers Landscaping and Construction in Bozeman & Billings, MT to reinvigorate your deck. We work with our sister company, Deck Tech, to repair and refinish your patio, deck or any other wood structure on your property.

Just dial 406-224-5805 to schedule a free estimate.

Prepare your deck for the upcoming season

Your deck needs a lot of TLC, but when we're done with it, it will look as good as new. Our process involves:

  1. Pressure washing
  2. Sanding to achieve a smooth finish
  3. Staining to color and protect the wood

Work with Myers Landscaping and Construction today to restore the condition of your deck.